Continental Drift

Forty-five year ago, drawn to the philosophies of the East.
From California to India. To Pondicherry.
Founded the Golden Bridge Pottery with Deborah Smith.

Kanchipuram. 120 kms north.
1600 years ago. Bodhidharma leaves India for China.
Initiates Chan Buddhism. Meditates.
Drinks tea. Meditates.

Japan. A millennium later.
Sen no Rikyu refines the Tea ceremony.
The Korean rice bowl his chawan of choice.

October 2013.We visit Japan. Lots of tea bowls.
Back in my studio I make bowls. Taking the first from the kiln,
An SMS. A link to the International Chawan Expo. Singapore.

The tea bowl. An earthen bridge. Uniting peoples. Cultures. Histories.
Communion. So lift a chalice in the profound spirit of Zen.
Or just for the pleasure of holding beauty close.